Leave the Mud Out!

As temperatures increase and snow melts, spring brings in a season of mud galore! That’s why designers, architects and home builders agree, mudrooms are the newest craze in home design! Learn more


Make the “Restroom” the “Best room”.

Bathroom Makeover? Check out some of our beautiful bathroom makeovers. Need help deciding what needs to go or be updated, what can stay in place, and what  you’ll need along Learn more


How to make great use of your walls

Empty Walls? Say no more. Our friends over at Jessica Helgerson Interiors shows us how to get great use out of them.  Learn more http://www.jhinteriordesign.com/tiny-house/


Outdoor Kitchens

Never too many cooks in this kitchen. Adding an outdoor cooking space offers another delectable and inexpensive way to enjoy your yard and guests. Check out these 12 Outdoor cooking Learn more


Work & Play

Who wouldn’t want to work hard in an office like this… Work and PLay Learn more AOL Office, image courtesy Jasper Sanidad    


The Boardroom

Planning your next Boardroom Design? Check out Baccarat Greenwich for that missing item.  “The Midnight Zénith Chandelier” Your next Boardroom Learn more    


Design & Build Your Very Own Mid-Century Table

Our Millshop can Design & Build your very own Mid Century Table. Learn more When I ran across this rustic mid-century modern home on Style at Home I knew I had to